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Tracey Brown

Lead Consultant

(416) 432-5968

My Story

Everyone asks me "why Scentsy?" Well as a new mom I was all about safety. Although I enjoyed my scented candles, I was always nervous about the open flame with my daughter. One day I entered a friend's house and smelled the most amazing scent. I immediately asked her what she was baking. She laughed ...and introduced me to Scentsy's Blueberry Cheesecake. I was hooked!
After 12 years of being a customer ....not really having a consultant ( I just grabbed bars from fairs and friends), I met a local consultant. I was excited to finally having a contact and I was buying regularly.
She told me all about being a Scentsy consultant and all the trips she had earned .. and asked me why I hadn't joined. I LITERALLY HAD EVER EXCUSE IN THE BOOK! I already had a full time job, I didn't have time, didn't want to spend the money.... and then she told me about the upcoming trips available ( favorite place). She had peaked my interest.!
So I made the leap! In August 2017 I joined Scentsy!!
I few days later I got this AMAZING BOX in the mail....with EVERYTHING I needed to start my business. Products, Samples, Catalogs and more. I "shared" the catalogs with some friends and coworkers. Then I received my first order.....and another and so on. I got Certified in no time! It was crazy .....Scentsy was selling itself!! My first commission check was a surprise too! I couldn’t believe how easy it was!! I was so motivated!! The more I worked my business ..... the higher my commissions went !
The great thing about Scentsy is that they give you everything you need to be successful. That $129 investment I made in myself has paid itself back in multiples.
You work at your pace, make your own hours ....... YOU ARE YOUR OWN BOSS! The more you put into your business the more you will get out of it! My only regret ?! I wish I had of joined sooner! Like back while I was on maternity leave....that would have been an AWESOME way to subsidize the income loss from being away from work.
I've been a consultant for close to two years and I realize the goals are so obtainable. I originally thought Disney would be my goal.....but when they introduced the "REACH FOR THE BEACH" and other incentive trips ....... I was STOKED!
Now I have a team ....... that I'm working with them to be successful too. Our plan is to escape the bitter winters EVERY YEAR !! Will you be with us ?? Let me help you EARN that trip ...... and we can celebrate our success together!!!

Oh, and for the record .....after all these years ...... Blueberry Cheesecake is NOT ONLY my favorite fragrance's also my best seller!!!

My Favourite Scents